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Data, A Love Story: How I Gamed Online Dating to Meet My Match is a lively, thought-provoking memoir about how one woman “gamed” the world of online dating—and met her eventual husband. Amy Webb delivers a poignant, honest portrayal of the modern search for love.

Thanks to Data, a Love Story, their odds just got a whole lot better. If she hadn't kept to her scoring system, she might have dated an almost right guy and never have met her match.

I think it goes deeper than frustration with her neuroticism and lack of social grace.

While her goal was to find a husband, I think it does criticize the crazy notion that, in this day and age, any mate is better than going alone. When people are skeptical or amazed by this (especially my friends who do date online and haven’t had much luck) I tell them that online dating is easy.

The hard part is being completely honest about a) who you are, and b) what you want out of online dating.

If I just date enough men, she rationalized, I will eventually meet my match.

Date after horrific date leads her mathematically inclined brain to come up with a rating formula.

(I have to wonder how I would have rated some of my online dates...

how would the guy who asked if I would like to kiss his butterfly tattoo rate?So when I heard about Data, A Love Story I was immediately intrigued.Partly because I like funny lady memoirs, partly because I’m always into people who are smart enough to game things—especially Internety things, b I met my boyfriend online. Here's the problem I have with memoirs - why do average Joes think their story is the one that should be told . This book is supposedly about a woman who managed to "game" the system of online dating in order to land herself a hubby. Webb came off as a pathetic, jealous schoolgirl who thought it was soooooo unfair that all the pretty girls were getting "likes" instead of her . Oh, and I can't forget to mention the author has been with her spouse a whopping 8 years. Not compromising about some simple things like your spouse enjoying sports (or whatever the case may be) because you fear that will leave you with "too many Sundays" spent by yourself. It seemed to me she pretty much got lucky and fell in love with the first guy she went out with after she rewrote her profile. but I'm doing the library's "romance" challenge in order to score a new coffee mug and this was a suggested selection that I had not already read and one that didn't have a waiting list as long as my arm, so I decided to give it a shot. and more importantly, that people (beside their friends and family members) would ever be interested in said story???? I get pissed off with authors/reviewers who want to game the system at Goodreads for crying out loud. It reminded me of the gazillions of teeny-bopper flicks that have the "ugly duckling" makeover reveal . Someone who's desperate and hoping some random tips from a stranger will help them hook a big fish on e-Harmony???? She has a whole bunch of fun crunchy math stuff, like with equations and things, but I don't really see any evidence that her 'gaming' of online dating made much difference at all. So she skipped dating men she normally would have dated and only found her true love after widening her geographic range.

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