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I had a boyfriend who loved RPG and would disappear for hours to go on “raids” – immersive experiences with multi-player strategy and execution. It is called "playing" online, much like role players and some sex workers create a scene and engage in the scene development, you have to co-create with your "partner" in real time.

This type of sexual play (erotic experience without real-life sex) isn't going away, and it is changing sex and exploration for a lot of people.

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Smart people make the best partners, and the freaks and geeks that populate Reddit are my people. I’ve been very lucky – I’ve only experienced that a few times, both with women who were tipping their toes into conversations about sex with a faceless stranger. I understand that – boundaries are critical to this type of connection.

It is incredibly challenging to write long-form stories that engage the other reader, and to be honest, I don’t consider myself to be at the top of the DPP heap in terms of writing.

To really encourage, lean in to sameness, edge, risk and bold truth.

Many of the people I co-write/co-create with have reminded me that we’re all sexual creatures, and sexuality dialogues and exploration is maligned and shamed into whispered, secretive conversations where even your first name makes you feel exposed.

These "prompts" read like a cross between a personal and an erotic book teaser.

Around the holidays, I was restless and was considering a resurrection of my long-shuttered sex blog.

It wasn't very long before I found Dirty Pen Pals, populated by all types of people with all kinds of sexual kinks and desires just waiting to be rolled out for me.

There are boundaries and rules set by the capable moderators. I enjoy digging around in people's desires and affirming them, and so for me, DPP became an addictive outlet.

I’ve read things that cause me to marvel at the ability of a perfect stranger to peer inside my psyche and pluck the most basic truth about who I am.

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