Chat bots for men

It would also change the primary focus from finance education to banking assistance.

But it would get me to market faster, and at the same time potentially establish a path toward making money in the future (thanks business school!

In addition to having learned a lot with such a simple chatbot, I have gained experience on how to evolve it to better adapt to interactions with users. Knowing where you got it wrong or what you’ve missed depends a lot on this interaction with different people.

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This is where your bot will start to cost you.""In the 70s and 80s the personal computer created the platform for businesses like Microsoft and Cisco to sell the required software and hardware and become tech giants as a result. Md are miniature doctors who help people find a solution to the most common symptoms through AI.

In the late 90s and early 2000s, the Internet created powerhouses such as Amazon, e Bay, and Skype. Don’t confuse these self-diagnosis tools with real doctors. The bot itself exhorts the user to book an appointment with a doctor for a diagnosis, and eventually for the prescription of a therapy.""We came from big mainframes, and moved from PC’s to laptops/netbooks.

Fynd, based in Mumbai, India, offers a more general shopping bot that will take you through options from a variety of retailers.

The search options are broader than those offered by Tommy Hilfiger and e Bay’s Shopbot, so customers can start with pretty much anything they like — a query looking for white t-shirts, for example.

The human beings at the other end of the chat have the option to search through brands or to see similar products, so there’s a good deal of flexibility here, even if it’s not quite the same as going through the main Fynd website.

Indeed a lot of the ‘answers’ returned by the chatbot are just links back to certain pages on the Fynd portal on the web.

Users are then asked to browse through bouquets by category, with a simple scroll-and-click interface.

Ready to build a conversational bot for your business? Then there’s Tommy Hilfiger, more of a traditional retail outlet, now available via chat bot interface in Facebook Messanger.

Plenty of brands have already jumped on board with Facebook’s vision of a bot-filled future, particular retail outlets, where ordering and searching can be reduced to a series of simplified text commands.

Take the chat bot for, for example, one of the creations Mark Zuckerberg showed off on stage at F8 as he introduced the new platform.

""The menu on the right side of your dashboard begins auto-populating with data: Name, role, location, company size, conversation history.

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