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The 69 Eyes stands for strange & dark union between Elvis and Dracula.

You’re from Finland, what can you tell us about the gothic/glam rock genre of music there – does it exist or is it pretty much non-existent? My favorite Goth clubs I go to are in Rome & Paris.

Please check out our album – it’s really a missing link between Helsinki and Memphis!

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For those who aren’t that aware of the band, can you tell us a bit more on how the band formed and the meaning behind the name The 69 Eyes?

The 69 Eyes started in 1989, since our backgrounds were slightly different, from Gothic to ’77 UK punk to glam, our sound was at first more like The Stooges-meets-Dead Boys-meets-The Cramps raw & crazy street rock.

Always huge parties whenever we go and the girls really know how to dress up there…We’re playing them every second year.

Is Whitby Goth Weekend something you’d ever consider performing at? What can we expect from you guys in the next year, are there plans in place for a European/UK headline tour soon after your new record is released?

Have you played any festivals this summer and have you got any lined up for the rest of the year? I see you played Gotik Treffen back in 2013, how was that and do you plan on making a re-appearance sometime in the future?

We love to play at both Gotik Treffen and Mera Luna Gothic Festival in Germany!We hope to transfer that into our graphics as well.Quite a few of your tracks are linked to various dark films including , haha!Through the first decade it matured into how we are now best known as the melodies and Gothic and dark sound rose above.We were drinking buddies from the Helsinki Goth/punk/glam bar scene and that still appears today.hey all, just a quick question: can anyone tell me the best gay site to chat/message etc. And then there is this new service, fi.It's not big yet, but it's growing all the time.

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