Free bi sex chat java

But just because I live in the South, I don't speak fluent SEC, so please be patient with me if I confuse Auburn and Alabama.

I do love my pro teams and spend every Sunday afternoon flipping between games.

Video masturbation sessions would be fun (skype/google), My wife is no longer interested in playing with others after many years of fun and games she says she is to old but he would enjoy exploring a friendship another man depending on our mutual desire.

I'll try anything once but would prefer someone older, 40 maybe, and easy going.

He would probably not get involved with another single female since that could lead to feelings that might cause problems in home and out but you never know.

It is all about finding a new friend and having fun.

A big turn on involves both being effective, well respected, but harried professionals who need a hot outlet for pent up tensions. Part of this fantasy is satisfying a couple that are bored with other things, and want a lot of wet sex to placate them She can be busty or not (though a big chest is a serious turn on), but she should be wide in the hips (not overweight) and have plenty of cheek low and outside. Oh, and her pussy should be big with think pouty lips and a sweet taste... Ive found several places on the net that use one or the other and some functions arent really compatable between the two.

She should like silky/satiny clothing that accentuates her voluptuousness. The one you get from the chat page shouldnt effect how you work in Yahoo.

T is easy going, funny, laid back, occasionally on the serious side, but very fun to be with.

J is also easy going, funny, laid back, and doesn't have a serious bone in his body.

I am a little older and a little wider than I used to be, but hopefully a bit more playful and a lot more fun.

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