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Discovered in 2004, the lone Norway spruce—of the species traditionally used to decorate European homes during Christmas—represents the planet's longest-lived identified plant, Kullman said.

In the end, the guy could not resist and, having got it into their room with Geli, unbuttoned his pants and offered to suck if she really loves him.

] And Channing was gracious enough to answer everything in typical HIGHlarious fashion!

First, the question of whether he gets fully nude in "bread, white.

The photo blew up on Reddit Wednesday, where commenters noted not only the egregious failure to understand Canada, but also that the clock is off from the American times by seven minutes.

When videos or pictures are shared all over the internet via Facebook, Twitter or even searched on Google are known to go Viral.

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That's what I was really trying to tell Pratt, to make sure he was aware of a pressure front coming in.""How about a magical seashell that's always filled with bourbon.

She liked Paige, and she kept clinging to him, not realizing how annoying it in such moments.

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