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It is meant to be a circuit breaker—just in case the people go crazy. The winner, by far, of the popular vote is the most qualified candidate for president in more than a generation.

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Lors de l’achat d’un écran LCD, on recherche en premier les valeurs de luminance et de taux de contraste mises en avant par le marketing sans réellement savoir quelle en sera l’influence sur la qualité d’image.

Notre premier sentiment est de penser que plus ces valeurs seront élevées, meilleur sera le rendu visuel.

Yet "are some people acting out of expedience rather than principle? "I assume so, but I assume so for everything election-related." Throughout U. presidential history, there have been over 150 faithless electors (just nine since World War II).

While 29 states and the District of Columbia have laws that punish such dissenters with fines or even jail time, not one such elector has ever been prosecuted for going his own way, including Roger Mac Bride in 1972, who cast the first electoral vote for a woman (Tonie Nathan was the vice-presidential candidate on the Libertarian ticket led by John Hospers).

The way the current system is constructed, it's difficult to imagine a number of highly populated swing states like Florida, Ohio, Virginia, and Pennsylvania handing over their considerable clout for the sake of the "principle" of the popular vote.

And there's nothing to offer the smaller states who would almost certainly be ignored entirely in a popular vote scenario.Yet with Bush earning 3 million more total votes nationally, Greenfield says a Kerry win in the Electoral College might have led to a bipartisan push to ditch the system."If you had back-to-back elections where both parties lost [despite winning the popular vote], you might have had a bigger brouhaha," he says.But despite high-profile attempts to bend the rules before the Electoral College votes on December 19, there's no way in hell that Trump is not going to be the next president.Whatever you think of either him or Clinton, that's not a bad thing.Donald Trump's surprise election has made the Electoral College a thing again.

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