Girl turn off webcam

She would come to see me every three weeks under the guise of a prestigious internship program.

Girl turn off webcam-30

As I got closer I saw a close up of two grinning faces.

One of that silly dog of hers, and the other of my giggling girlfriend, who knew that eventually after being unable to make phone contact I would wander out to the webcam to say goodnight.

“HE WANTS TO EAT YOUR SKIN.” The line disconnected. I noticed the bottle of wine still open on the kitchen counter and drank most of it down in a single swallow.

I crawled to the panel of switches a few feet up on the wall and turned on every light that I could. The message was time stamped, and was from the missed call I had from Linh before passing out. She was in tears and frightened as though I had never heard her before.

She was from a very small town in Washington with a population of less than five hundred.

I was working my way through college as an event bartender in Portland. I heard her voice come across the phone, but something wasn’t right. She took great pleasure in waking me up in the middle of the night to let me know that she had just gotten a drink of water, or had an amusing dream. “…You danced in front of my friends.” She burst into laughter. “Hey by the way, don’t forg——” After a few crackles and a brief burst of static, the call disconnected. Anyone else would have gotten an earful from me, but her flirtatious giggle made me feel lucky to have my much needed sleep interrupted. I hated Linh’s phone, she had an old flip phone that dropped calls with no rhyme or reason at least three times a day. Linh’s cousin was getting married in Portland, and as fate would have it, the wedding reception was held at an upscale hotel on the Columbia River where I frequently tended to small wine and beer bars. LINH CAN YOU HEAR ME YOU NEED TO…” A burst of loud static forced my phone reflexively away from my ear. She was speaking, but a second, deeper voice echoed hers in perfect unison. I noticed her immediately, as I often notice women that I quickly convince myself are too beautiful to ever date someone like me. In 2010, Linh’s father passed away suddenly in his sleep from a heart attack. When she returned from Florida where the funeral was held and her father buried, she was all alone in the house where she had lost both of her parents.

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