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Sandiford and Ponder were charged with drug trafficking.At her trial prosecutors alleged that Sandiford met Dougall and Beales at a hotel in Bangkok on , where arrangements were made for her to courier the cocaine into Bali. In her defence, Sandiford claimed that she had been pressured into carrying the drugs by a gang who had made threats against her children, while her lawyers argued she was suffering from mental health problems.

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Despite the prosecution's recommendation of leniency, at her sentencing hearing on 22 January 2013 a panel of judges ruled there were no mitigating circumstances in Sandiford's favour, and imposed a death sentence.

Amser Simanjuntak, who headed the panel said Sandiford's actions had damaged Bali's reputation as a tourist destination and undermined Indonesia's fight against drugs, while his colleague, Komang Wijaya Adi said their decision had been influenced by several factors, including what was viewed as her lack of remorse.

Funds were subsequently raised to pay for an appeal lawyer, and the appeals procedure began.

In the United Kingdom lawyers applied to seek a judicial review of the government's stance of not providing financial aid for Britons facing criminal proceedings overseas, but their legal challenge was dismissed by judges at the High Court of England and Wales on the grounds that Sandiford had little chance in successfully appealing the sentence.

Under subsequent police interrogation she claimed to have been coerced into carrying the drugs by a criminal gang that had made threats against her family, and took part in a sting operation to arrest several other individuals she alleged to be part of a drugs trafficking ring.

In December 2012, she was convicted of drug smuggling at Denpasar District Court and sentenced to death by firing squad in January 2013.Since November 2015, death sentences in Indonesia have not been carried out because, according to Attorney-General Muhammad Prasetyo, the country sees economic recovery as a greater priority.She rented a house in the town, but was evicted after failing to pay her rent, and in early 2012 moved to live in India.In a statement to the House of Commons, Hugo Swire, Minister of State for the Foreign Office expressed his concern about the decision."We are aware that Lindsay Sandiford is facing the death penalty in Indonesia.Lindsay June Sandiford (born 25 June 1956) is a former legal secretary and convicted drug smuggler from Redcar, Teesside in North Yorkshire, England who was sentenced to death in January 2013 by a court in Indonesia after being found guilty of smuggling cocaine into Bali.

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