Iphone photo sex chat the art of war for dating

If you change your job at any point or want to change this information, just follow these steps again!One of the most interesting aspects of Bumble is that we encourage our users to show reliable info on their profiles.If you are an i Phone user, simply pull down to refresh and update your info!

Alternatively, you can completely remove your school and job information by deleting your Bumble account, revoking Bumble's access from your Facebook, creating a new account on Bumble and denying its access to your work and education information on the initial permissions screen.

You can upload a photo by going to your profile, tapping on the edit icon on the upper part of the screen and clicking on the camera icon.

This is our move in attempting to counter the age-old and often outdated “guys always have to make the first move” idea!

Right now we use Facebook to pull important information like your name, age, school and job to create your profile.

That being said, Bumble is a place for everyone regardless of their gender or dating/friendship preference.

Since this concept was designed to correct an issue with opposite sex dating, we’ve removed that functionality and restriction from any same sex connection.The first photo in everyone’s profile is their main photo or profile photo.If you want to set a photo to be the main, simply enter the Edit Profile mode and drag any photo to the first position in your profile preview. We work hard to ensure that Bumble is a safe and empowering platform for all of our users.That being said, we realize that there are great guys out there who never have and never intend to send any rude messages. Also, we have many more updates coming with added functionality for everyone.We’re really sorry if you’re upset or offended in any way by the app’s concept.Our new photo moderation rules are in place to protect our community.

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