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Welcome, to the Lonely Inn, deep in Belariath's wilds. Bring your flesh and desires, release your kinky passions and needs. -- NO PRIVATE messages to people unless their approval first!! -- Scene, roleplay, newbies and wannebies welcome -- New? help Southern_Belle says come and check out our yahoo club and pics of all our regulars. (14 ) :) No Trolling, Inviting, Channel Cyber, or Msging Without Asking. If you have to simulate activities you'd normally do with other people, at least make it sex instead of board games. Rules: Age limit 16 , NO MEN, No 'questionable' or sex channels, do not cyber or pic trade in the main, no advertising / inviting, No guest / all caps / random nicks. We've got a website, somewhere at Up Look Down Look all around Your pants are falling down! Gay, straight, bisexual or unsure - sexual orientation doesn't matter, just idle to help us =)©º°¨¨°º© Welcome to Phonesex ... he can take it like a real man - be one of the first to know about the new server and the Grand Opening Party * Must be 18 years of age to enter this site*©º°¨¨°º©18 ONLY A fantasy sex play channel. OOC Room(18 ) Sexy subbies and hot slaves K9 dogsex meeting place. Keep in mind that DALnet rules state that channel founders and their ops may run channels however they wish, even if they are unfair, as long as they don't abuse DALnet's Services. type nyo /server hang-out.(6667) and JOin #Dagupan Welcome to #Les, a channel for Lesbian and Bi Women to get together and chat. No Trading, No Ratios, Kiddie, Rape, TEEN or Highschool. NOT a sex channel No DCC/Private Messages without asking first in the channel!

IRC Chat is now back to normal and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

It may be necessary for you to re-register your nicknames and channels, due to a problem which occurred beyond our control.

This repair utility should remove the worm from your computer's memory and delete the files it produces, therefore disinfecting your computer.

If you have been G-Lined due to this virus, it is strongly advised you run this update, then contact [email protected] instructions on how to re-connect to IRC Chat.

We make no guarantee as to what you might find in these channels or accept any responsibility for the content of these channels.

The links below should launch the m IRC IRC chat client if it is installed and connect you to the correct channel. No changes to network operation will occur during or after these changes. As you may be aware, a new worm strain is working its way through the world of IRC, and many a network has become infected as guests join rooms with the worm on their PC's.IRC Chat is no exception, and some members may have recently been G-Lined and advised to contact us.Home of the "Pic-O-The-Day" Channel founded to #0!!!! Bad chans: rape, snuff, pain, extreme, force, abuse, and trading chans. where boys are the most important people and gurls can be BL's too. IF you LIKE NASTY stories please DO NOT chat about them here thank you. [email protected] (IRC Chat reserves the right to determine if you qualify) Updated the registration wizard as a fast response to the recent services loss, and will better enable you to re-register your nicknames and channels quickly and efficiently.

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