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It also brought home a national award for acting to Kannada film industry after nearly three decades.

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This week, the English translation of Mohanaswamy was launched by Harper Perennial India, giving his writing a far wider base of readers.

The writing life Vasudhendra, 47, has given up his corporate career to become a full-time writer. No matter what, Mohanaswamy unburdened me and gave me the wings.

There are thoughts that get transformed into words, and then there are human experiences that get articulated. After Mohanaswamy, one can make an argument there has been a marginal increase in the openness in Karnataka about depicting the LGBT community.

Kannada film Naanu Avananlla Avalu (I am ‘she’, not ‘he’) based on the Kannada translation of the Tamil autobiography of transgender artiste, Living Smile Vidya, won many accolades.

By then, Vasudhendra had already published 12 books and was being hailed as the next Masti Venkatesha Iyengar of Kannada literature.

Vasudhendra released a full collection of Mohanaswamy stories in 2013 and it was clear that the stories were autobiographical.

Kannada writer Vasudhendra’s bestselling book Mohanaswamy, which was recently translated into English, explores life as a gay person is contemporary India and has been inspired by his own life experiences Five years ago, Desha Kala, the Kannada literary magazine edited by writer Vivek Shanbhag, ran a 6,500-word story titled Mohanaswamy.

It was about a gay character by the same name and the author took on the pseudonym ‘Shanmukha S’.

In 2004, he set up a publishing house, Chanda Pustaka, that has published 63 books so far.

Even today it is a one-man operation and produces six books a year.

“Vasundhendra’s narrative encouraged an ecosphere of plurality and also tolerance to a personal norm that the majority may have objection to.

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