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Unfortunately the conference has updated their website now, and the mobile app doesn’t work anymore.

But you can see various shots on Dribbble which illustrate just how sleek this Sencha library can be.

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These are commonly built for users on any mobile platform who would rather access the content over an Internet connection.

Building a web application is also easier if you don’t wish to learn Objective-C or Java programming.

I like to contrast this example because it demonstrates how you don’t to build just a web application.

In some instances this will be a smarter idea if your webapp needs to be seen like an application.

Getting started is rough but with some practice you can learn how to build thorough applications quickly.

One personal favorite example is the Railsberry website which was designed solely for mobile users.

This library adds effects onto HTML5/CSS3 elements which makes it so much easier to learn in comparison with Sencha Touch.

You will notice from the Benjamin Moore website that mobile webapp development can be very easy.

Modern Java Script techniques are able to duplicate animations in combination with responsive web design.

For this article I want to go over some user experience trends for mobile webapps.

The other big mobile library I would recommend trying is j Query Mobile.

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