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These transactions also include any transactions related to foreign currency, remittances marginal trading or exchanges.

RBI Report – Overseas forex trading through electronic / internet trading portals – 17th Nov 2011 RBI Advisory on Overseas Forex Trading through Electronic / Internet Trading Portals – 21st Feb 2011 Disclaimer : If you are doing forex trading in india then consult with your Fx Broker on this issue.

In addition he/she would also be considered liable for violations of the KYC policy and money laundering standards.

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But the truth is, if a reasonably smart, reasonably talented person goes hard for what they want—if they ignore the odds, scoff at conventional wisdom, stomp on irrational fear, and internalize that there’s the hard part.

Fully conquering this is still very much on the to-do list for me, but at least now I know where to direct my energies.

So if you are trading with Indian Brokers whom have membership with the above mentioned Indian Exchanges it is perfectly legal.

And Also it is perfectly legal for Indian Retail traders to invest in overseas equity markets.

We’re all born amateurs at life and we get better at it as time goes on.

What’s something you know now that you wish you had known when you were 22?

There are two things to understand here, the “in my head” part and the “out in the world” part, and I didn’t understand either nearly well enough.

For the “in my head” part, I had no idea about the concept of two competing forces inside of me (what I’ve been calling the higher being and the animals), battling for control.

Free dollars usage means that they are not allowed to convert the Indian currency to dollars and then use those converted dollars for trading.

Moreover they are conditioned to stick to a leverage of less than ten times.

Coming out of college, I thought I was a superhero entering a gladiator pit.

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