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However, over 10 years in clinical practice we have “cured” many people’s arthritis. Previously we simply considered that arthritis was over diagnosed – and we still believe it is.

But we have helped so many people who have confirmed wear and tear from x-raysto become pain free, surely something else is going on here. If cartilage’s primary function is to stop bone rubbing on bone within joints then if it wears down over the course of a lifetime is that not just normal function?

A little bit more questioning and digging around and we discovered that she had not experienced any pain at all until she had that diagnosis! This lead to a change in her walking posture (she openly says she walks like a T-Rex! Granted her range of movement was still not perfect. Picture sitting in a slumped or tense position afraid to move for fear of making things worse.

Saúde é um conceito que pertence à tradição do pensamento metafísico.

De Aristóteles a Nietzsche, quem refletiu sobre o que são os entes em sua totalidade e sobre o que o homem tem de particular em relação aos demais entes,...

This wearing away of the joint was thought to be the cause of much pain and when seen on x-ray the frustrated patients are told that there have arthritis and there is nothing that can be done.

They may if they’re lucky be given a few traditional Physio exercises that might help.

* Equally if we look at our understanding of the anatomy.

Cartilage itself has very few pain receptors (nociceptors in latin!

Many of our clients who have been x-rayed to show they have severe wear and tear have little pain.

And those who have minimal wear and tear have pain that is off the scale. The key things is that grinding and graunchy joints are not an indication of cartilage wear and damage, even if it feels like it! It was conducted by two surgeons who were operating on each other.

Nearly all conditions can be improved if not “cured” completely. As we mentioned above most pain comes from structures outside of the joint, namely muscle, ligament and nerve so if we can return these structures to normal using our Progressive Sports Therapy approach we improve sensation in and around the joint.

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