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LOCALLY GROWN GOODNESS Okra: Lady’s Finger or Gumbo Okra, also known as “Lady’s Finger” in Indian cuisine and “gumbo” in America, is fresh and in season now.The flowering plant that resembles hibiscus is blooming in backyard gardens all over Cabarrus County providing beauty, as well as good food.

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It is a good source of antioxidants: According to research published in Nutrition Journal, okra has a higher concentration of antioxidants than most vegetables.

These antioxidants prevent damage the cells from free radicals and inhibit the growth of cancer cells keeping the vital organs healthy that could suffer due to fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

To ensure that your food is safe, always wash your hands before handling produce, and gently wash produce under running water.

History and origin: Okra is of African origin and can still be found growing wild in Ethiopia.

It is known to have been used in India since about the time of Christ.

Okra was brought to the new world by African slave traders.

Call the North Carolina Cooperative Extension center in Cabarrus County, 704-920-3310, if you have any questions about food preservation.

, a staple vegetable enjoyed by many is becoming a superfood for diabetes.

Here is a diet plan a diabetic can use to control blood sugar. It is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals: Okra has a fair share of vitamin C a vital nutrient that helps improve immunity.

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