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( SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25, 1857.) AND SPORTING CHRONICLE. • - j xke Two YEAS OLD STAKES of 10 sovs each, with 50 added; colts iitnb, 4 a fillies Set 41b; the owner of thesecondhorsetosave Lis stake • half a mile. FIRST DAY.— The WOODCOTB STAKES of 10 soys each, witu ioj added, for two year olds; colts 8st7; b, and ^ f^^ T^ S ( Xw the second horse to receive 25 sovs out of the stakes; New J. Bingham tor 30 ssovs, or more, the surplus ( if any) to go to the racing fund. The HUNTERS' STAKES of 2 sovs each, and 15 added, for horses tnat have been the property of gentlemen in Lincolnshire three months pre vieua to She stakes being advertised; four j ear olds list 31b, m e list i- io, six and aged 12st 51b; two miles; professionals to carry Have been earying 14 stone. CASINO de YENISE, High Helborn.— This elegant establishment, now the leading feature in the metropolis, is OPEN EVERY EVENING. still continues to carry on the cloth and oil busin& sgp s. Articles s oh and English Cabmets are per- was senior lieutenant of the Investigator during her voyage from Behring's Straits to Baring Island from 1850 to 1853, and now in command of the Himalaya, screw store ship on the East India station. A wheel running aside, because its axle had got bent, would throw the whole train off the line, and all the dreadful consequences of such an event would then ensue. Devon, North— Monday Langridee Ford, Friday Glen Cottage, 4 past 10 Durham County— Monday hhincliffe, Wednesday Brancepeth, Friday, Hetton- on- the- Hill, at 4 past 10. Strattord's)— Tuesday Portobello, Friday New Barn, at 4 past 10.

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In spite of the very few means afforded by French practice to any defendant to make a full defence, M Migeon has made many disclosures very damaging to the Government. Craven ( Torkshire)— Monday the Craven lleifer, Wednesday Kelbrook, Friday Nappa, at 11.

M Tisserant, a manufacturer at Ch& ux, said: " I was one of the scrutineers. Eastbourne— Monday Clapham, Thursday Birling, at 4 past 10. Lewis's, Captain Hampton— Tuesday Black Horse, Friday Pentreath, at 4 past 11.

liees— They receive only extra pay from the company. Our small and scattered forces could not have stood a month before a national hostility. Lunette led Jenny Hooks to a 101b hare by two lengths, and turued ; in trying for the next she was passed by Jenny, but after she had made one turn, Lunette regained her position by a go- by, led into the next field, and turned twice, Jenny killing.

If it had done so, all the heroism which Englishmen and Englishwomen have displayed would have been displayed in vain. Baron Garuock and Etoile du Nord: The former slightly led, turned, wrenched twice, and killed ; a short, quick course.

The following text is a digital copy of this issue in its entirety, but it may not be readable and does not contain any formatting. yewolds to earn- Gat 81b, and three years 8st 81b; fillies and geldings allowed 31b; a S of a sweepstakes amounting t o 500 ^ vs withl O subscribers to carry 71b, a winner of a 200 sovs sweepstakes with 10 3ubsenbeis5iba Uother winners of plates or sweepstakes So the amount of 100 sovs Sib extra, weights not accumulative: three year olds which have started twee times without winning allowed 51b; aboutthree- quartersofamie, straight. GREAT GRIMSBY RACES will take place on Wednesday, November 4,1857. 2), for grogginess, weak joints, sprains of the back smews, ruptures ef the sheaths 0} tendons, suspensory ligaments, shoulder lameness, and Inflammation; also for the cure and prevention of breaking down, & c. « f the most elegant designs and of first- class quality. » ne East India Company, must be deemed to be an official t personage. After which, Box and Cox : Box, Mr Bnck- stone ; Cox, Mr Compton. To conclude, every evening, with the Spanish ballet of The Galioian Fete, by Fanny Wright, Mr W. ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE.— Under the joint management of Miss Louisa Pyne and Mr W. Commence at half- past 7 o'clock; " The White Lady" at 8 and at half- past 8 o'clock every night.— N. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, the new case, " The Crown on the prosecution of the parochial authorities of St Prudence- in- the- Fields against certain disorderly houses." Dr JOHNSON TAVERN and CITY MUSIC HALL, Bolt- couru, Fleet- street.— JOHN DUNHAM AT HOME EVERY DAY and EVENING. A grand con- cert every evening at 8, admission free. LAURENT'S NEW CASINO, Newman- street ( licensed for MUSIC and DANCING), will be OPEN EVERY EVENING, at half- past 8 o'clock ; dancing at 9.— On Saturday, the 24th, at half- past 10, willlbe danced for the first time ( in character), the " Quadrilles des Sylphides," Mr Henry Laurent conducting his celebrated band. The officials apparently thought only of the non- destruction of the iron; but that was not all that ought to have been considered. British Lion beat Derweut Mutiny beat Mystery ( 1) Skewball beat Leader Tempest beat Spring ( 1) Tempest ran a bye Skewball drawn ( o) IV. Craven— Monday West Woodhay House, Wednesday Marlborough Race Course, Friday Lamborne Woodlands, Saturday Stype, at 4 past 10. Sussex, East— Tuesday Windmill Hill, at 11, Friday St Leonards Green, Tuesday week Battle, Friday week Sidling Green, at 4 past 10.

To view the original copy of this newspaper you can carry out some searches for text within it (to view snapshot images of the original edition) and you can then purchase a page or the whole document using the 'Purchase Options' box above. To close and name to Messrs Weatherby, or the Clerk ot the Course, on or before the Tuesday after the Newmarket Houghton Meet- ing, 1857. I The BBOCKLESBY PLATE of 3 sovs each, and 20 added; tnree year Olds 6st 71b, four 7st 131b, five 8st 7ib, six and aged 8st 101b, mares and geldings allowed 31b ; horses that have never won allowed 410; n- ats, one miie; the winner to be sold by auction by Mr W. MAPPf N'S ELECTRO- SILVER PLATE.— Messrs Mappin's cele- brated manufactures in electro- plate, comprising tea and coffee services, side dishes, dish covers, spoons, and forks, and all articles usually made in silver, can now be obtained from their London Warehouse, 67, King William- street, City, where the largest stock in London may be seen.— Manufactory, Queen's Cutlery Works. Prin- cipal cornet a pistons, Mons Duheme.— Admission, Is. If the axle became bent or twisted, even to a small extent, the danger of an overturn be came imminent. Deaaon's, Mr— Monday Pedland Corner, Thursday Trekelland Bridge, at 4 past 10. Trelawny's, Mr— Tuesday the Carew Arms, at 11, Saturday Gnaton Hall, at 4 past 10. Monday Short Flat Tower, Wednesday Matfen Piers, Friday Hesleyside, ati toll, West Kenc( Mr W.

Forethought, caution, common prudence could easily guard against them, but none of these ex- cellent qualities is exhibited. Lunette ran her bye with Estelle, who gave her little assistance, Lunette running with great lire and speed throughout. Mr Dobson's r d Emigrant beat Mr Hutchinson's r d Napier Pretty Boy bt Sleeping Partner Charley Boy beat Idle Girl ( 1) I III. Mr Hardie ns Hannah, by Pilch out of Sister to Negus, beat Mr J, Jones's Nancy, by Spring out of Nimble, and won the stakes. Doctor /' • Mr Harrison's f d Mentor Mr Wardle's Nameless Mr Milbarn's w d Snowdrop Mr Dobson's bk b Bonnie Maggie..

Not only might they be avoided, if reasonable business- like care were taken to avoid them, but in some instances they are the result of wha1 is very little short of wilfulness. In their next trial Baron Gar- nock led and had all the early part of a loug course, Beacon coming in for a share of the latter part.

Wi ite to the " United Service Gazette." T B— Don't ask ridiculous ques- tions. Such mere military mutiny possesses no element of stability. Elmhirsfc from a Depot Battalion, to be lieut col; Capt A. Daunt, from h- p as Adjutant of a Depot Battallion, v Taylor ; Capt W. Tickler ran a bye, too long to be pleasant to the owner.

' There is no example in history of over indulged troops having been able to maintain, for more than a very short time, a resistance to existing authority. Golden Drop and Douro: An unsatisfactory trial partly out of the judge's sight, but easily won.

The News Room— We were under the impression the Stockton and Darlington was only opened for goods traffic, and not for passen- gers. It is abso- lute nonsense to talk of them under that description. Baron Garnock and Beacon had a good struggle to a high hedge, through which the latter on the outside led, turned, wrenched, and again turned in succes- sion ; Baron killed— undecided; a hollow win, but the judge could not see the whole course.

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