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The younger kids are certainly easier to target, anyway.Perhaps most of all, the fact that some of the perpetrators--one of whose wife was in on it as well, it turns out--preyed on their own kids shows that we have to be vigilant even with those who are understandably granted the freest license to spank, i.e., biological parents (as opposed to some presumptuous coach, priest, or family friend).Officials say they had to take down the organization quickly, rather than drawing out the investigation, because children were being abused.

Two of the children were Patterson's children, another was the child of a former wife, and the fourth was a family acquaintance, investigators said.

Patterson pleaded guilty and was sentenced last November to 10 years in prison. More important from the investigators' perspective, Patterson agreed to cooperate, leading agents and inspectors to others involved in the group.

"Any time children are brutally beaten, it's the most outrageous type of conduct that we have to deal with involving children's issues," said Heimbach, of the FBI. Since the FBI launched its Innocent Images National Initiative in 1996, the number of child exploitation cases handled by the FBI has jumped by from 113 to 1,559. "Child sex exploitation has been going on since the beginning of time, but I think the internet is lowering the inhibitions of the perpetrators," said Duncan Brown, a staff attorney at the National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse, a Washington-based nonprofit that specializes in training prosectors how to handle child sex crime cases.

Rebecca Carr's e-mail address is [email protected] all the news stories I've seen dealing with this brand of abuse, this one may be the hardest for people to play down.

He was carrying a phone bill that led investigators to David Patterson, a computer programmer in Dalton, Ga., who appeared to have been at the center of the ring.

A tape from Wadsworth's house showed Patterson "administering repeated spankings to four naked children, who cried out in pain during the prolonged beatings," said a prosecutor.In all, authorities have removed 12 children ranging in age from 4 to 14 from their parents or guardians. "They're using paddles, whips, canes and severely brutalizing these very young children, sometimes as young as 4 years old." Some of the defendants have yet to be sentenced, and other arrests may be made. The films did not involve ordinary spanking, but rather beatings, and they included a clearly sexual element.`Brutalizing' the young "What we're talking about, it was not just a little paddling with the hand on a kid's backside," said Raymond Smith, a senior U. "Any time children are brutally beaten, it's the most outrageous type of conduct that we have to deal with," said Michael Heimbach, chief of the FBI's Crimes Against Children Unit. All the children's issues do, but when you see children being beaten on videos and their genitalia are being filmed, it's very, very disturbing." Canada provided 1st break Investigators' first break occurred in May 2000, when Canadian authorities intercepted a video mailed to an assistant school principal, David Wadsworth, and arrested him.Nine people already have pleaded guilty, including one in west suburban Chicago.Members of the loose-knit group, which investigators have nicknamed "the Spanking Club," harshly beat children--often their own--with paddles, canes or other devices, and then exchanged videos of those spankings through the mail, officials said. But they often communicated with each other on the Internet, authorities said."They were sharing fantasies, they were sharing real accounts of their victimization of children and they all enjoyed the sadistic beating of kids and the sexual abuse of kids," Smith said.

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