Teen sex hook up

Tinder allows anyone over the age of 13 to sign up for the service.

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Simply put, teens are jumping to dessert without eating their appetizer and main course.

Instead of going out on a series of dates and getting to know the other person, they find someone who they deem to be attractive and engage in sexual acts.

Although awkward, it is necessary to firstly approach your tweens and teens with a discussion about sex.

Explain to them that sexual activity can lead to a myriad of physical and emotional consequences and that they should never give into peer pressure or pressure from someone else regarding sex.

Yet there is nothing to stop teens from lying about their age and using the app to hook up with older Tinder users.

Make sure your tweens and teens aren't making the mistakes of falling into the "hooking up" trend.

While Tinder's creators state that their software is designed to facilitate relationships, plenty of teens are using it to match up with others for sexual relations.

An anonymous 16 year old states, “Every person I know who has used Tinder has been asked for sex,”.

Almost every teen has a cell phone that allows him to instantly contact others.

Teens tend to say things online and through text messages that they would be too bashful to say in person.

Yet this doesn't mean that the teens should be engaging in sexual activities with people that they hardly know.

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