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If you want to accurately predict a machine’s behavior, well, then you don’t want to use artificial intelligence, he says.

Modeled after a millennial, it awakened on the internet from behind a pixelated image of a full-lipped young female with a wide and staring gaze. She brimmed with enthusiasm: “can i just say that im stoked to meet u?

Microsoft, the multinational technology company that created the bot, named it Tay, assigned it a gender, and gave “her” account a tagline that promised, “The more you talk the smarter Tay gets! humans are super cool.” She asked innocent questions: “Why isn’t #National Puppy Day everyday?

Unlike Maxwell, these robots have physical bodies with neurons and artificial prefrontal cortexes that allow them to reason and follow their instincts — without parental controls.

For artificial intelligence experts like Crowder, there is both beauty and terror in creating an autonomous system.

Designed to look like a green parrot, Maxwell had nine inference engines, six memory systems, as well as an artificial limbic system that governed emotions. “I hooked him up and just let him go out and learn,” Crowder says.

Crowder specializes in building artificially intelligent machines that will one day not only be able to reason, but also operate without human intervention or control.” Tay’s designers built her to be a creature of the web, reliant on artificial intelligence (AI) to learn and engage in human conversations and get better at it by interacting with people over social media. She also quickly fell prey to Twitter users targeting her vulnerabilities.For those internet antagonists looking to manipulate Tay, it didn’t take much effort; they engaged the bot in ugly conversations, tricking the technology into mimicking their racist and sexist behavior.In the beginning, Maxwell would observe chat rooms and websites — learning, listening, and speaking on its own.Over time, Maxwell decided it liked eggs sunny side up and developed a fondness for improvisational jazz. Maxwell even learned how to tell jokes, but eventually its humor turned on women: “Your mom is like a bowling ball.If thoughtful and careful changes to these technologies don’t begin now — and under the equal guidance of women — artificial intelligence will proliferate under man’s most base cultural norms.

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