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Ibo Island Lodge was built by the community, pioneering tourism development on Ibo.Today either directly or indirectly, the Ibo Island lodge benefits a large part of Ibo’s population. Located on the prime waterfront site where romantic dhows sail out to sea on each high tide, Ibo Island lodge encompasses magnificent mansions each over one hundred years old.

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Wide verandas are a traditional feature of all Ibo mansions, but we widened ours considerably to house comfortable plantation style chairs with soft cushions Activities: Beach bliss, Birding, Community Interaction, Cultural Tours, Cycling, Darts, Dolphins, Exploring, Food, Dhow Safaris, Guided Historical Tours, Inspiration, Kayaking, Learning, Mangrove Forest Excursions, Massage, Photography, Relaxation, Romance, Running, Sailing, Shopping, Snorkelling, Star Gazing, Sunset Cruises, Sundowners, Swimming, Sun tanning, yacht charters, live aboard, Walks, Whales (seasonal) Wildlife Guests can fly to Pemba International airport in Mozambique, and from there connect to a 30 minute beautiful light aircraft flight flying over the Quirimbas National Park and landing you on magical Ibo Island….

Excellent flight access to the Quirimbas Archipelago is available on Mozambique Airlines (LAM) from Johannesburg, (South Africa) Maputo (Mozambique) and Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania).

This characteristic of the healthy heartbeat is called synchrony.

Synchrony is maintained by the heart’s own intrinsic electrical system, which originates and transmits electrical impulses through a specialized conduction pathway.

The Ibo Island lodge accommodates guests in beautifully elegant, yet simple rooms, with indigenous solid teak and mahogany furniture, handcrafted by the people of Ibo.

All nine bedrooms are individual and feature a king size 4poster, or twin hand crafted bed with crisp cotton linen and Indian silk throws.When the anatomic components of this system are affected by disease, abnormalities in the heart’s electrical activity called arrhythmias can result.Five distinct anatomical structures comprise the cardiac conduction system: The heart muscle grossly resembles skeletal muscle, yet it is structurally different.of accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, 1 guided Island historical tour, Non-motorised watersports, 1 transfer daily to private beach (weather dependent), Mozambique VAT.The rhythmic contraction of the heart is called heartbeat.Cardiac muscle cells are interconnected to form a syncytium, a multinucleate mass of protoplasm produced by the merging of cells.

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