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It’s basically a collection of screenshots from some of the creepiest white men with yellow female fever.

I wanted to see if I could provoke the same results, so I created my own set of profiles but I didn’t encounter any racism until I made specific mention of having an Asian male preference.

JT: Don’t try to have extended conversations online.

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I resisted until Alice showed me the pet project that she had started on.

And from there it exploded into the monstrous research project that you see before you: over 3000 messages sent, over 60 profile pictures tested, and a dozen profile descriptions written.

We finally cracked the code and were able to achieve results that not only matched Caucasian male response rates, but also in some cases, SURPASSED THEM.

If you had asked me if it was possible for AMs to completely conquer online dating and beat every guy out there, I would have said that was impossible. ALICE: The idea initially surfaced when the Creepy White Guys tumblr made the rounds on Facebook in 2013.

ALICE: In general, the global response rates (that is, the averages from every kind of opener we tested combined into one number) were higher for white profiles than for equivalent Asian profiles. But what we found to be interesting was that profiles of men who bordered on being nerdy or even fobby did better than profiles of average men.

When we took the fobby men and cleaned them up with better haircuts, styling, and poses, their results were actually lower.Everyone knows that dating when you’re a tall, handsome white guy who looks like a carbon copy of Channing Tatum or Bradley Cooper is basically playing the game on easy mode and that being short or different is practically an online death sentence.But the majority in America have grown up with white privilege and they don’t realize that having a different race requires a different approach, especially when the media emasculates Asian men.Almost 200% more than the average 22% that Asian men get.When combined with the success rate of asking her out and getting her number (date template of which is included in the book), I could realistically GET A DATE EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR A WEEK by only working at it for an hour. It’s true that men who are classically handsome are going to have better results than men who aren’t.I directed her to a perform a series of experiments using control profiles (White Males) and Asian profiles (one of them being mine).

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