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I’ve been to prison twice, and in prison you learn this language and there are these chappies (tattoos),” said Engelbrecht.“And he was obviously looking for this kind of image for himself …

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There are some legitimately excellent tracks on – particularly the brutal acid-techno of ‘Happy Go Sucky Fucky’, Yo-Landi showcase ‘Cookie Thumper’, dancehall stomper ‘Girl I Want to Eat You’ and the aforementioned ‘Sex’ – but the weaker elements (the skits, ‘Raging Zef Boner’, lovestruck lament ‘Strunk’) can all be written off as bad-on-purpose hip hop parodies.

Even the album’s length – 16 tracks, which is easily six tracks too long – is a wink at the conspicuous self-indulgence of hip hop, particularly gangsta rap.

Could this be a new direction for Die Antwoord, or just a further parody of kids-on-rap-albums cliches a la Eminem’s ‘My Dad’s Gone Crazy’?

No matter how many times you ask, the answer is not forthcoming.

Laubscher claims that research Jones conducted would go on until dawn.

One of the boys, Engelbrecht, says that Jones would bring them bottles of hard liquor and “bankies” of marijuana then go for car rides.

Their takedowns of hip hop conventions are also wildly abundant: the wonderfully-titled ‘Raging Zef Boner’ is a clear parody of the Slim Shady ‘cartoon rap’ genre (with hints of the OTT anti-woman violence of Odd Future), while a number of skits and tracks (particularly the half-and-half stoner a capella of ‘I Don’t Dwank’) bring Ludacris to mind.

Where Die Antwoord get to have their cake and eat it is when asked if a given song, regardless of its influences/satirical value, is actually any good.

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