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I can't recall hearing a positive reaction to a white guy preferring Asian women.

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It feels like Russ Meyers and Hugh Hefner get more understanding.

It's important to remember the diversity of groups.

If they couldn't get white women, they'd have to settle for non-white women. I try to understand people and why they would think these things.

After writing most of this article I looked up Yellow Fever on Wikipedia, which led to an article on "Stereotypes of East and Southeast Asians," which listed a number of stereotypes of Asian women.

This article is supposed to raise the level of understanding. Talking openly about the topic is hard because of the tone I often hear, as in the terms Asian Fetish or Yellow Fever.

Fetish means you substitute an object for a person. If you've been approached by many white guys, you may feel they see you as an object or they are crazy.

In the long run, a relationship depends on how the two people relate regardless of the initial attraction. I am attracted to all Asian women, or if a woman is Asian I will be attracted to her.

In this regard, I relate to the same things as anyone: personality, a sense of humor, common interests, common backgrounds, and so on. Just because a woman is Asian does not mean I will like her or find her attractive. I was crazy about Esther because I was attracted to Koreans, not the other way around.

Communication and understanding is important, so I tend to be attracted to Asian-Americans. Do people believe anyone has one and only one measure of attractiveness? Of course things like personality, sense of humor, common interests, etc. After the initial attraction fades, those elements determine the relationship. Even friends I've known for decades say this notion. How would you like it if every time you met a guy, people thought it had to do with a guy you knew over a decade ago?

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