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Brewpub- Tuesday, Bed, Bath, and Beyonce– Arbor Brewing Co Brewpub- Sundays, Cool People and Jeff– Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery, Don’t Forget to Strip You Bartender– Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery, The Chin Straps– Birch Lodge, Average Joe’s– Buffalo Wild Wings- Ann Arbor, Hyzer Flip– Buffalo Wild Wings- Brighton, Rovinhales– Buffalo Wild Wings- Ypsilanti, Team Birdman– Dan’s Downtown Tavern, Serenity By Jan– Crunchy’s, Cluster Flux– Ashley’s- Monday, Harballz Onya– Ashley’s- Thursday, Farm Fresh Eggs– Ellison Brewing Co, Como Esta Bitches– Eternity Brewing Co, Crumbums– Eternity Brewing Co, Try Again– Fraser’s Pub, Our Final Ansah– Goog’s Pub & Grub, Bass Pro Shop– Hanger Bar & Grill, The Eerdnerds– JD Reardon’s, 19th Place– Reno’s West Sports Bar, #Squadgoalz– Glasshouse Brewing Co, Larry’s Bald Spot 5: The Final Frontier– Heidelberg, The Lannister Debts– Fifty Nine West, It’s Not Me, It’s You– Hideout Brewing Co, Izzy & the Peeps– Ypsi Alehouse, The Compound– Jet’s Pizza, Donny T and the Funky Bunch– Lansing Brewing Co, Little Lebowski Urban Achievers– Maiz Mexican Cantina- The Josh Pit– Original Gravity Brewing Co, Dumb Skunks– Pretzel Bell, D. Squatch– Pretzel Bell, Team 212– Red Rock BBQ, Serenity By Jan– Crunchy’s, Dirty Mike and the Boys– Sticks, Tanooki Suits– Stony Lake Brewing Co, Resting Bitch Face– Territorial Brewing Company, Seekamp– The Green Top, Shot A Boozie Tribe– Tony Sacco’s Howell, James Bondage– Bagger Dave’s- East Lansing, Notorious Q. – Bar Hop, Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods– Bar Hop, One is the Loneliest Number– Bar Hop, Better Late Than Never– Bar Hop, Eberwits featuring the No Talent Ass Clowns– Bar Hop.Season Champions: 1st- 00) Average Joe’s– 133 Points (League Champion) 2nd- 0) Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods– 129 Points 3rd- 0) Cool People and Jeff– 121 Points 4th- 0) Dirty Mike and the Boys– 118 Points 5th- 0) Crumbums– 115 Points (If you didn’t finish in the top 5 and would like to know your standing please email [email protected]) Competing League Championship Teams: Jesus, Party of 12– Biff’s Sports Bar & Grill, Mark Ruffalo’s Buffalo Buffalos– Blue Door Longfellow, The Wade Messer Fan Club– Blue Door University- Monday, Lemon Party Google It– Bo’s N Mine, Beam Me Up– Groundswell, T Money– Heartbreaker’s Bar & Grill, Menace II Sobriety– New Bohemia Minneapolis- Tuesday, Rude Bois– New Bohemia Minneapolis- Thursday, Walking Wounded– New Bohemia- Roseville, Tornado Rex– New Bohemia- Eagan, Walking Talking Stephen Hawking– New Bohemia- Golden Valley, Calmer Than You Are– New Bohemia- Uptown- Tuesday, Friar Tuckin’- New Bohemia- Uptown- Thursday, Chuckalot- Mc Hugh’s Public House, I Am Sparta-Guess– O’Gara’s Bar & Grill, Nacho Win– Office Pub & Grill, Oh God How Did We Get Here?

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– Lodge Sports Grille, Disney Bitches– Earl’s on the Ave, Brooks Ninja Warriors– Fremont Dock Sports Bar, Beer Knowledge– JJ Mahoney’s Irish Pub, My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem– Old 99 Pub, Donkiecorns- Watershed Pub & Kitchen, Everybody on the Bus– The Atlantic Crossing, Therapists for $200– Palmer’s East, Nerd Herd– Rocko’s Firside Bar & Grill, Take Care of Your Shoes– Tim’s Tavern, Fireside Chatters– Lunchbox Laboratory, Hair of the Dog– Bar Hop, Defeat Is Assured– Bar Hop, I Thought It Was Nancy Reagan but it was…– Bar Hop, Team 510– Bar Hop, Beer Pressure– Bar Hop.

As Sharnaee Newson worked on her career, traveling the world to teach and style hair (including several years on tour with pop star Ciara), she had no idea she was on the path to becoming the modern equivalent of a matchmaker: a speed-dating host.

It's the Socialites' jobs to loosen everyone up with prizes, icebreakers and the occasional tequila shot.

People always say the dating scene, the bar scene, is boring.

– Bar Hop, Thinkin’ n Drinkin’– Bar Hop, The Dachshunds– Bar Hop, I Thought This Was Speed Dating– Bar Hop, Bird Brains– Bar Hop.

Season Champions: 1st- 00) The Bone Us Round– 121 Points (League Champion) 2nd- 0) Cubs Win!

Dublin’s Pour House, Team BOGART– Maize Valley Winery & Craft Brewery, Boo 85– Mulligan’s Tavern, Nuclear Hoplocaust– Ohio Brewing Co, Our Drinking Team has a Trivia Problem– On Tap Stow- Monday, The Knights Who Say Ni– On Tap Stow- Saturday, Mr.

Peabody– On Tap- Cuyahoga Falls, Team Red– On Tap- Akron, Ebola- Free– On the Rocks Bar & Grill, Butt, Sweat, & Tears– Portside Distillery & Brewery, Your Mom– TD’s Tailgate Grill-Canton, You Mother’s Favorite Team– Dave and Buster’s- Westlake, Many Degrees of Separation– Scenic Brewing Co, Seven Twenty Six– Bar Hop, Les Quizerables– Bar Hop, Guessn’– Bar Hop, Nessie– Bar Hop, Party at Nap’s– Bar Hop, We Thought This Was Speed Dating– Bar Hop Season Champions: 1st- 50) Bill and Ted’s Excellent Trivia Team– 131 Points (League Champion) 2nd- 0) Machoke on my Squirtle– 120 Points 3rd- 0) Party at Nap’s– 118 Points 4th- 0) Team BOGART– 116 Points 5th- 0) Prestige Worldwide– 112 Points (If you didn’t finish in the top 5 and would like to know your standing please email [email protected]) Competing League Championship Teams: Mendoza Line– Brazenhead, Meatloaf Mafia- Brazenhead, The Hot Cops- Hamilton’s Pub, Trivial Dispute- Zauber, The Snatch Mafia– Four String Brewing Co, Purple Monkey Dishwasher– Harry Buffalo, William Shatner Face– Stack City Burger Bar, Ginger Snaps– The Blarney Stone Tavern, Quiz in My Pants– The Little Bar, Ethan’s Electic Boogaloo and the Nip Twisters– The Walrus, The Radical Quizlamists– World of Beer High Street- Monday, DJ Room BA– World of Beer High Street- Monday, Tequila Mockingbird– World of Beer High Street- Thursday, Jack Attack– Flannigan’s, Just Kids From Akron– Bar Hop, Fling It Like A Monkey– Bar Hop, The Summitt– Bar Hop, Torgo– Bar Hop, Glamorous Ghosts– Bar Hop.

Before they knew it, Newsom and her friends, Chara Walker, Charisse Parker and Candice Taylor (who asked that we not use her real name), had started a full-fledged event planning company called the Sassy Socialites.

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