Dating a fat pig

Because fat is viewed as inherently unworthy by a society that really needs to check its priorities, my dates and I have grown accustomed to evenings that involve being stared at on the train, in restaurants, and by neighbors.

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I am so much more than an "average"-sized woman who dates fat women.

But even if that's all you see me as when you pass me on the street, that doesn't mean you're entitled to disrespect me or my date.

They can't see my emaciated college-aged, size zero self.

All they see are two bodies, one arbitrarily deemed "good" and the other "bad." And they react to preserve the social stigma unquestioningly. But it becomes immeasurably more difficult when the people who know your vulnerabilities reduce the women you choose to date -- and by default, you -- to mere bodies.

On a primal level, I find women's bodies wildly attractive.

Yet, I’m reminded that every day, I walk through life with significant privilege because of my body size –- and many of the people I care about don’t.

Then a little light relief watching two week old piglets play hide and seek in the long grass. Good thoughts and conversation and a great documentary about urban agriculture.

And if Matthew doesn't have me sorting through 15 types of tomato in preparation for Wednesday's class I'm going.....!

https:// agriculture: the practice of cultivating, processing, and distributing food in or around a town or city.

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