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She just wasn’t comfortable in her own skin, but being in the Tall Club has helped her come out of her shell.“It really has built up my self-confidence,” Ahrens says.Tall Clubs International’s roots can be traced back to 1938, when a tall artist named Kae Sumner wrote a story about her height for the Los Angeles Times newspaper. In the story, she described the issues her height had presented in her life and invited other tall people to contact her. The Las Vegas chapter has 70 members in its Meet-Up group and 250 friends on its Facebook page, says John Morath, chapter president.

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There is no cover, a free buffer and a free Salsa lesson!

The huge dance floor allows you to show off your best salsa moves. MDN Dance Studio offers a free Salsa lesson, which takes place from - . After 10pm, the party continues with DJs from La Mega 97.9 and X 96.3.

But for years, she held back because of her height.

When she dated men who were a bit shorter, she made sure to forgo high heels.

“We’re tall,” says the Portland, Ore., resident, who stands 5 feet 11 inches.

She joined her local Tall Club in 2007 because she wanted to meet other tall people.Dozens of club members came from across the country last month to socialize in Las Vegas and conduct business related to their various Tall Club chapters.Members went to shows, where they had no problem seeing over others in the audience. is 5 feet 4 inches for women and almost 5 feet 10 inches for men.Marfan is a congenital disorder of the connective tissue and can cause above-average height and elongated limbs. The club has been a great social outlet, she says, and they do good work in the community. Now, in the Tall Club, you have to come out with your personality.”Contact reporter Sonya Padgett at [email protected] 702-380-4564. She likes that when she’s around other members, she can look them in the eye. On this page you will find information about how and where to meet singles in NJ.

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