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2012 Sun Face : in 2012 we started using a brighter, shinier gold box for the smaller Sunface pedals, as seen on the pedal on the right. The Z VEX power plate will fit these cases well too.

It also allows easier control of the volume knob on your guitar when the white CLEAN trim pot is turned a bit.

It can also be used to kill Radio Frequency Interference, which may be a problem on high gain pedals in some areas, by turning it down a hair.

like all our handmade pedals, the Sunface has true bypass, so when off they do not alter your sound at all.

The CLEAN trimpot will also allow the sunface to work better after a vintage style wah pedal, without having to use a foxrox wah retrofit.

These are ugly but perfect for testing the transistors for four parameters which are critical for the best sounding fuzz.

We have since reboxed it into a steel cabinet so it's more rugged.

It is better quality than almost any other fuzzface clone you will find, with shielding, plated through-holes, etc to meet military specs.

It also has an internal CLEAN trim pot (white knob).

Also, if you use another effect before the fuzz face, it can make it get a nastier distortion.

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