Dating girl always busy definition of accommodating person

If I were you and I really liked this girl, I wouldn't be upset, I would call her and ask her for a date - Then be patient about it - good things come to those who wait. The girl I'm dating now, we met on OK Cupid, she's a lawyer. I run a call center and, like you, work out and am busy.

We don't call much as I'm always monitoring phones and she's in depositions.

If they Share the same values, they possibly will also share the nuturing habits also. Aren't neccessarily closer than a couple that sees each other once a week.

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Maybe I could use some voice of reason here, but I'd like to think I'm not totally insane either. My weekend is filling up, I may have to tell this girl that I'm too busy now to see her.

I know you are going to get mad, but maybe she's an introvert. People that use dating sites are always like, "I'm so busy, that's why I use a dating site." So how are you going to nurture a relationship. She didn't call me back soon enough, so she can't expect me to hold my schedule open for her.

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So if you've seen my other post, you'll know I've gone on a second date with a girl (been talking now for about 2.5 weeks) and the last date went extremely well, we really clicked, etc.

Let me spell it out plainly for you: You're overthinking this, and for no good reason.

You may like her but you've just gone out on your SECOND date, not your eighth -- yet you're stewing over this, clearly.

The dating game is a dance and if you really like her, you'll be patient - it will pay off.

Be happy that she has returned your phone call - 24 hours is not unreasonable.

For a year I dated an incredible man he worked 7-4, took care of his neice and nephew after school, and then continued his own education 4 nights out of the week, Volunteered at his Church and was still an absolute great man to me.

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