updating bayesian priors - Dating on the earth dorama

In the morning, Hyun Jin and Yoochun are having a chat in their garden, meanwhile Jaejoong who has fallen in love with Hyun Jin comes while holding beautiful flowers. A few days later, Hyun Jin is anxious since Jaejoong doesn’t attend the class. When Hyun Jin calls Jaejoong, the boss tells her that he will kill Jaejoong if she doesn’t come. Junsu who know about it tells to Yoochun and he also follows Hyun Jin.

And when they are in the worst situation, all the classmates lead by Yunho are coming to help them and the gangsters lost.

In the next day, Yoochun meets Jaejoong privately on the school roof.

Jaejoong smiles and tell him that he knows that Hyun Jin is not only a teacher for Yoochun but also Yoochun’s wife. Meanwhile, Hyun Jin is reproved by the headmaster because involved in a fighting. He says that as a teacher Hyun Jin has done her best and he’s so sorry as a student also as a husband always made a trouble to her and he loves her so much.

All the girls in the school get shock and all the boys who are Hyun Jin fans get broken heart.

But this gangster pushes Jaejoong to be a hoodlum who ask the street vendors for giving him some money rudely.

He never want to do that but his foster father will punish him if he doesn’t do that.Hyo Jin as a teacher try to get close to him and she commiserates Jaejoong since she knows that Jaejong has a traumatic in his childhood.He lost his brother who was die in the fire and he was taken to the orphanage and then he was a adopted by a gangster that pay his school fee.Quietly, Yoochun has married his private teacher Hyo Jin who accidentally is being his teacher in his class.They agree to hide their relationship in the school until Yoochun wil get his graduation.This time, I will tell about one of my favorite Korean Movie, but I feel like I’m watching Korean drama :0 All DBSK members are here Yoochun, Jaejoong, Changmin, Yunho and Junsu. Yes the title is “Dating on Earth” which telling about one of the third grade high school student “Yoochun” who has just entered his school after he got suspension from the school because he was fighting with several hoodlums who tried to force him giving his money to them.

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