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We bantered back and forth for a bit, mostly about travelling, a popular topic of conversation among expats. ” The few times I had tried to engage in conversation with Arab men, I had run out of things to say at around two seconds in.

He told me he was going to Iceland and Greenland in the next month, which we were able to chat about for some time, as I was finally going to Iceland later on that year. “They don’t do any talking LC,” my friend sighed and sipped on her drink. A couple of months into my time in Doha, I began seeing an English boy who I really quite liked.

“I met my wife when I was 17 and we were married at 18. I tightened my grip on the glass of my drink, grateful for the coolness of the contents. A figure had then appeared in the distance and we’d disengaged, feeling like naughty school children caught doing something wrong. He nodded and I watched the world go by outside my window.

There is such joy involved in dating someone new, whom you are actually keen on. You are so wrapped up in each other that you can’t help but show off your lust to the world. Hours later, as soon as the door to my hotel room was shut, we were drawn together once more. ” My driver inquired, as he chauffeured me to my hotel on my last day in Doha. But we humans are like chameleons and it didn’t take me long to assimilate back into Western ways and become jaded and exasperated with this familiar way of life.

It took that meal for me to realise that physical attraction was the only thing that the Englishman and I had going for us. I knew the relationship was doomed from that moment forth, as it had no substance to fall back on. If you ever find yourself in the Middle East, lonely and bored, then go for it.

Dating in Doha was essentially the same as everywhere else I have lived, as boys and girls alike are hopeless world over.

As long as you are respectful of the culture of the country you find yourself in, you will be fine.

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Do you want to find your dream partner in Doha - Qatar.From my experience, it was much the same as at home in Australia – except far more multicultural. Just make doubly sure that you keep your hands to yourself in public.Everyone was using it – especially the expats, which make up the majority of the population of this city. Want to hear my stories about dating in the Middle East? I was rather keen on an American, who I agreed to meet up with for tea at ten at night in the City Centre – the name of the local shopping centre.We met in the local marketplace, known as the Souq and picked out a Moroccan restaurant. After a quick discussion of the pros and cons of leaving the club in order to obtain a couple of Reykjavik’s famous late night hotdogs, we made our decision and ran outside. It is strange, how quickly the weird and wacky becomes normal. To know it was okay to wear shorts outside in hot weather. To walk hand in hand with someone and not have to watch my back.Feeling daring, I chose camel off the menu, then sat back, unsure of what to do next. Afterwards, we smoked shisha and covertly played footsies under the table. He put his arm around me and I shied away from him. To exist almost entirely free of judgement and constraints.Doha Dating is the best place for women seeking men in Doha / Qatar and men seeking women in Doha / Qatar. Join today to find girl friend / boyfriend in Doha - Qatar.

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