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Indeed, the more staid among the population may be in greater danger than the wild ones.The anti-Aids campaign faces complacency and deep-rooted resistance among some who think they are safe.

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Dr Bancroft said: 'The media messages are confusing and some people grasp anything reassuring.

'They may only see how bad the situation is when they face the serious losses experienced by the gay community.' Meanwhile, sexual hedonists like Julian meet in little-known 'swinging clubs' around Britain.

It's hard in day-to-day encounters just to ask a couple if they're interested in adventurous sex.

Ninety per cent will tell you to get lost or you'll find the bloke gets nasty.

The Government is concerned that although the message on Aids is getting through, too few people are practising 'safe sex'.

The Health Education Authority is to revamp its Aids campaign to try to encourage greater use of condoms, particularly among young people.

People respond to adverts, inviting 'broad-minded couples' to meet in a 'friendly, conducive atmosphere'. No one would get away with not using a condom or asking for anal intercourse.

They pay about pounds 10 membership and sign a form saying they won't let on where the parties take place. 'One night fancy dress might be kinky boots; another, tarts and vicars. They would be frozen out.' Since Night Shift, a swingers' club in London, was closed and the owners fined pounds 3,000 last month for keeping a disorderly house, overt sex in such clubs has fallen off.

The prognosis may be less worrying than it might seem.

The heightened sexuality of club culture is in many ways at one with, not in opposition to, the anti-Aids message. Paradoxically, it may be that bringing sex still more out into the open and creating such a condom culture is necessary if people are going to protect themselves against HIV.

Dr John Bancroft, a psychiatrist and author of Human sexuality and its problems, said the attitudes had echoes of teenagers' deafness to anti-smoking campaigns: 'Adolescents tend to play down the risk.

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