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It often involves romantic talk, holding hands, kissing, making out, and oftentimes sex. Courtship is the time-honored and successful practice of learning about someone enough to know whether or not the two is compatible for marriage.

It often involves friendship, discussing each individuals future plans, knowing the parents if theyre alive, and praying privately for Gods will in the matter. We never kissed or even held hands until we were engaged. Weve been married for almost 18 years, and are still in love.

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Courtship is more of a scriptural way to meet a prospective spouse than dating.

Jesus gave the cause of divorce as being fornication. During Jesus day, a prospective bride swore to her virginity.

The result will be that the person will committeth adultery. If she said that she was a virgin but after marriage the husband finds out she had lied, then according to Jesus and the Law of Moses, the husband could legitimately divorce her.

It is possible to use the word date but not necessarily have the same understanding as my definition. If you say you date but dont do what I define dating as being, then I feel you are practicing courting, although you might still use the term dating. It sounds so much better, but in reality, dating and mating are sometimes the same.

My definition of dating is that it is a modern game where intimacy is practiced before commitment. It doesnt sound good to tell someone you are mating with Mr. I looked up the word date in my encyclopedia and it said, "see Sex and Teenage." Even my encyclopedia agrees with my definition.

Then the person could not be trusted, and thus, Jesus said it was all right to divorce her because lack of trust.

The main cause of divorce is not what is happening during marriage but what happened before marriage.

Common sense tells us that sex will be wonderful so long as you are in love with the person. Let me ask you this question: how long do you think he will keep his clothes? Yet, you and I both know he probably will keep those overalls for many years.

It doesnt matter if they can do gymnastics in bed, what matters most, is if they love you. You see you dont have to try on many clothes before you will be satisfied with what you bought. She will take hours trying on different dresses to see which one she likes.

How you live as a single person, will eventually show up in your marriage.

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