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Humble Design works with seven to eight homeless shelters. “I can’t tell you how many times I have heard a mom say ‘now I know I can do this.’” Few families end up back in the shelters after taking possession of a Humble Design home. Creating each home does take some dollars, even with donations. Oftentimes, corporations will sponsor a family and the move and provide volunteers.

The shelters give them the names of those who have received approval for housing and the address of the new home as well as the number of people in the family and their back story. The homes are rented by the families or they qualify for housing vouchers from the government. Families have very little and most families “leave the shelter with one or two garbage bags (with all their possessions),” Nagle says. Allstate, Barton Malow, Dobrusin Law Firm, Doner Advertising, DTE Energy, Fiat Chrysler, Ford Huron Capital, Mercedes Benz Financial and Volkswagen Credit are among those companies.

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“With all the divisiveness in the world today (Humble Design’s work) restores your faith in humanity,” U-Haul’s Rains says. “At U-Haul we want to be part of the community,” he says. Volunteer, donate items such as bedding, cleaning buckets, school supplies, furniture, bedroom kits (shower curtains, curtain rings, bath towels, garbage cans, toilet paper, plungers, and toilet brushes), children’s crafts, artwork – anything you think would make a house a home.

Rains and many volunteers helped make over the home featured on NBC Today show segment scheduled for Sunday, August. You can even start a Kids Giving to Kids Program where kids pick something from their own bedrooms to donate.

To further ensure their safety nothing is kept on a Humble Design computer.

All addresses are hard copy and no names are used, just numbers that represent the family.

Humble Design’s work doesn’t end when the family moves in. At Halloween, one team brought pumpkins with the names of each child loving inscribed on the front.

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