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In addition, some countries, including Costa Rica, require proof of a yellow fever vaccine for tourists who have visited Ecuador. You can also bring in up to 2 liters of alcoholic beverages and 200 cigarettes (1 carton). Citizens: For information, contact HM Customs & Excise at tel. For more information, call the Australian Customs Service at tel. New Zealand Citizens: Most questions are answered in a free pamphlet available at New Zealand consulates and Customs offices: New Zealand Customs Guide for Travellers, Notice no. For more information, contact New Zealand Customs, The Customhouse, 17-21 Whitmore St., Box 2218, Wellington (tel. Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice.

Ecuadorean Embassy Locations In Australia: 6 Pindari Crescent, O'Malley, ACT 2606 (tel. K.: 3 Hans Crescent, Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 0LS (tel. What You Can Take Home from Ecuador -- It is illegal to bring out any pre-Columbian artifact from Ecuador, whether you bought it, you discovered it, or it was given to you. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.

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Some of the more important ones are not national but, rather, are associated with local urban or regional traditions, such as ...

Импорт местной и иностранной валюты не ограничен, декларация обязательна.

628/64021; fax 628/61231) In Canada: 50 O'Connor St., Ste. Canadian Citizens: For a clear summary of Canadian rules, write for the booklet I Declare, issued by the Canada Border Services Agency (tel.

Ecuador’s rich history and diverse geography have helped forge cultural identities within communities that stretch along Pacific coastlands, sit upon cool Andean mountainscapes, and extend through the lushly vegetated eco-systems of the Amazon rainforest.

Since such regulations are subject to change without notice, cannot be held liable for any costs, damage, delays, or other detrimental events resulting from non-compliance.

Always double check with your local embassy or consulate before you make your move to Ecuador.

Technically, to enter the country you need a passport that is valid for more than 6 months beyond the date of entry, a return ticket, and proof of how you plan to support yourself while you're in Ecuador, but I've never seen a Customs official ask for the last two requirements.

If you plan on spending more than 90 days here, you will need to apply for a visa at your local embassy.

Экспорт иностранной валюты ограничен количеством, объявленным в таможенной декларации по прибытию.

Лицам в возрасте старше 18 лет разрешен беспошлинный ввоз до 300 сигарет, или 50 сигар, или 200 граммов табака; до 1 л алкогольных напитков; духов и парфюмерии - в пределах личных потребностей.

Here's what you need to know when preparing to travel to Ecuador from the United States: DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR ENTRY Before your arrival in Ecuador, make sure you gather the following documents and keep them in a safe place, as you're going to need to present them to the Customs officials in order to make your transition into the country go as smoothly as possible.

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