adult singles dating savage mississippi - Etheopian women for dating

Ethiopia is a strange and mysterious place and in my mind and Ethiopian women are beautiful.

They have beautiful long faces, mesmerizing eyes and frizzy lively bouncing hair.

They are naturally beautiful and do not even need any make up.

I am Fikir Addisu I am an Ethiopian and working as a lecturer in Ethiopia I am Honest, open feathful, religious, committed loving and caring acadamician and professional.

If yes, Ethiopian women should be your number one choice.

They are very proud of their culture and will not be embarrassed to practice it even if they live abroad.

Calling Ethiopian ladies beautiful is an understatement.In my mind, I would way rather date a warm loving Ethiopian girlfriend for a long-term relationship than any slightly jaded American girl next door who has values from mass media pop culture and within a year or two of marriage might just have a war party with her friends and decided you are out.Girls from Ethiopia will take care of you and cook and clean and generally be a woman. My friend George was so sick he could not get out of bed one evening, his American girlfriend refused to cook for him because she said it made her feel repressed.The answer is for me ethnicity does not matter, however ethics do, and many of these Ethiopian women are highly moral.Further, have you ever seen photos of Ethiopian models? Try to look up these Ethiopian girl names, Bewunetwa Abebe, Gelila Bekele, Anna Getaneh, Liya Kebede, Angel Melaku, Sara Nuru and you will find some amazing pictures of models from Ethiopia.Bottom line is I can recommend these girls from Ethiopia for marriage generally, as it is a conservative society.

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