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I have the following process: mail - meeting A couple of times we bypassed the phone part (some people can be pretty expressive in their emails, and I think substance shows up there...) Could you have predicted the stand-ups you got? So I'm experiencing all of the stuff that I think most people did when they were in their early 20's. Try doing a photo shoot where you pick out a few different outfits and do different poses in each...honestly - it sounds stupid but it is fun.Perhaps that is what you meant by "not doing anything you would not do in real life to get a date..."? Try to have different looks...casual, elegant, sexy, sporty, whatever - just make sure your personality comes through.

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Should the OP care that people are dismissing her based off of her physical appearance. Why...because they are sending her a clear message. People who respect themselves maintain an active lifestyle and healthy diet, because...the smart thing to do. I am a toothpick with t1ts so keep both your chins up. If guys do not want to date bigger girls than that is certainly their perogative.

(See heart disease...number one killer in the US) So if you smoke, indulge in illegal or harmful drugs, drink to excess, and/or eat to excess, then you are making poor decisions, the signs of which can be seen in the physical body. Remember everyone is smart and beautiful behind the computer. I am not a crusader out to say that people who don't date big people are shallow, superficial jerks. I agree with you that there is nothing wrong with judging people based on appearance. The only reason I brought it up in my original post is because I think it is really funny that in the section of your profile where you choose qualities you want in a mate, I have seen guys choose "any" for things like height, income, education, smoking, drinking, but on body type, they select "slender, athletic, fit". And in case I was unclear, in my post I was simply feeling vulnerable about being in a forum where I am limited in how I can present myself.

In my life, I am the fun girl, the one everyone wants to know. Did any of you feel this way when you first started this? Don't take it personally when someone doesn't respond. I posted a thread in the Testimonials section called "After 18 months..." where I go into details about pros and cons.

Sometimes it just means they haven't logged on in a while. You have access to lots of profiles here and will surely meet someone nice. But I stuck it out and met a lot of great people online. I went out with someone who told me on the first date that she preferred guys who were bigger than she was LOL because it made her feel more secure. There's a lot of rejection and you have to get used to it.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. I have reached out to a couple of people and nothing.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... I am used to people establishing an opinion of me based on my smile, my demeanor, my handshake, my laugh, how I carry myself. So I start second guessing myself and I'm resisting just yanking my profile off!A lot of people are going to pass you up when they see that is not resolved.I think you have to keep in mind that this is a dating site and yes, people are judging you by your photos and a couple lines of text. It's not all that much different from the bar scene really.When I am feeling like I have had enough I just stop dating and have fun in the forums. I have been stood up more times then you could ever imagine, double digits. Just keep that smile on your face and all will be good.~Charmed~Wow! Only got stood up once from someone I met online (it has happened a few times in real life when I was much younger).The woman who stood me up last year was flakin' pretty bad when we tried to set up the date be email, so I wasn't so surprised or disappointed.You think you get a sense of someone and they just surprise you. it is not just on line but in real life when I was younger. just so that she would know everything happens to everyone. Some people have pictures of themselves doing things they enjoy.

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