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Sometimes, I even got to kiss girls, because if you were drinking, kissing girls was cool. It’s amazing how these arbitrary little rules from high school can get so ingrained into your subconscious.

Suddenly, Saturday nights were defined by crop tops, velvet choker necklaces and reckless house parties where we destroyed perfectly manicured Mc Mansions.

Hangovers were worn like badges of honor, because hangovers were pregnant with so many loaded things.

Hangovers meant you were cool and pretty enough to be invited to parties with alcohol.

Hangovers meant you were well-versed enough in the glam world of drugs and booze to even ).

You know how sometimes you exchange a look with a random entity, and you get that premonition? We were two drunk girl creatures sorely out of context at some low-rate strip club with a group of rowdy lesbians. They all did, because it always started and ended with tequila.

That, “we’re going to make out tonight” premonition? Rihanna boomed through the cheap speakers as a young girl peeled off her clothes on stage, and BAM. And even though we were in love for almost two years, we eventually had to cut ties.And yeah, I can get down with living inside of a blue-toned filter. I’ve done them all, and alcohol is the one that scares me the most.If you keep going, that calming serenity of “the buzz” will escalate until you’re two sloppy creatures screaming in the street.That night, my parents found me curled up in the fetal position, sound asleep on their front porch, platforms strapped to my teen girl feet, mascara flakes peppered across my face like freckles. They exist as fragments in my brain — snippets of embarrassing adolescent moments that make me shudder when they occasionally flicker through my mind when I’m tossing and turning at 2 am.But they aren’t connected to the time “When Drinking Became A Thing.”“When Drinking Became A Thing” officially started in my junior year of high school.For instance, the first real grown-up relationship I had with a woman — the kind where I fell hard, spilled all the secrets, and dropped all the guards — was in my very early 20s.

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