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The Greeks revered the cabbage for its many medicinal properties.

Cato, an ancient Roman statesman, circa 200 BCE, advised people to eat plenty of raw cabbage seasoned with vinegar before a banquet at which one plans to “drink deep.” Even the ancient Egyptians advised starting the meal with raw cabbage, including cabbage seeds, to keep one sober.

Most people in Japan have never heard of the California Roll.

Learn how to make California Rolls – American-Style Sushi Rolls.

During the 1970s in the early stage of the sushi boom in California, most people did not like the thought of raw fish and nori, so a smart unknown California chef created the now famous California Roll.

calzone (kahl-ZOH-nay) – An Italian word meaning “a trouser leg.” It is a pizza crust rolled out and topped with all the ingredients of a normal pizza except tomato, then folded over to a half-moon or crescent-shaped turnover.

It is said that long ago, on cold mornings in New Orleans, women would walk the streets of the French Quarter selling these warm fried cakes for breakfast. California Roll – A California roll is a slender mat-rolled sushi roll containing crab, avocado, and cucumber.

Today, in California and Hawaii, sushi reigns supreme, and the most popular sushi today are the California Rolls.

cake flour – Cake flour is very finely ground soft wheat used to make tender, fine-textured cakes.

It is bleached with chlorine gas, which, besides whitening the flour, also makes it slightly acidic.

The tomato sauce is sprinkled on top and it then goes into the oven. Marie Fontaine at Camembert in Orne, France first made Camembert cheese in 1791.

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