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He had also been a judge on "Last Comic Standing."A source close to Greg tells us, "Greg passed away today at the hospital in New Brunswick as a result of an accidental overdose.

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Did they finally land that interview in Bazaar with Kim K? Or maybe when I'm 102 and the Internet as we know it will no longer cease to exist but instead will be replaced by something we're not even aware of yet that will be the next big thing to capture our stupid or profound or crass or ogling unintentional final thoughts in an entirely new and sophisticated medium. Until that time, here are some of the more haunting Twitter last hurrahs I've uncovered over the years.

I suppose when it comes down to it, this exercise is a reminder for me to actually risk in life and to really just not give a shit because it's over -- boom -- maybe right now. Most of the people didn't know it would be their last online words when they tweeted it -- outside of the cases of suicide I list below, which let me say right now: Trigger warning.

Do you social media stalk the recently departed, too?

Do I need to see a special psychologist about this morbid habit of mine?

, Greg Giraldo is tortured by a constant sense of failure. I was going to stop being a lawyer whether I wanted to or not. I'm a complete fuckup and I've fucked up a lot of things in my life. The reality is, I'm not a "get knocked down and just pull myself back up by my bootstraps and come back harder" kind of guy. " These are people who could make these things happen.

"I feel like I'm ‘the piece of shit at the center of the universe,' he told me. I had a lot of student debt and I didn't know where the career was going. It wasn't like I was a functioning professional and I just made the choice to throw it all away to pursue this crazy dream. What's that like, that feeling of being tortured by failure? I get excited about it, I think about it, I come up with a few ideas, and then I get all fucking ADD and the opportunity slips away. I started doing standup just 17 years ago, just for the hell of it really, and I thought 'I'll do this until I figure out what I can really earn a living doing.' And now all of a sudden I'm really proud of what I can do with standup comedy, I'm a much better standup comic than I ever imagined I would be, and I've made a decent living doing it. So is it that you just think you should be more successful?I’m filled up on Eggnog, figgy pudding, and all that other Christmas stuff. Qs Ga” -- Elizabeth Taylor (@dameelizabeth)"@Silverado Slim: #Still Funny '@marsxjr: RT @ink2flashyy: Driving tweeting sipping the cup fuck yolo I'm turning it up' quoted Drake song" -- @ink2flashyy, who later ran a red light and died in a car crash along with his four friends“In Japan there’s a 20 foot picture of me endorsing one of my favourite hotels. Xo” -- Donna Summer (@the Donnasummer)"I called you a putz cause I thought you were being intentionally disingenuous.If not I apologize." -- Andrew Breitbart (@andrewbreitbart)“I can’t, im done, I give up.” –- Felicia Garcia (@feliciagarcia97), who committed suicide by throwing herself in front of a Staten Island train after rumors went around about her sexual encounters“My new album The Titanic Requiem is in stores in UK today and rest of Europe later this week. Pf” -- Robin Gibb (@Robin Gibb)“statement at -- Adam Yauch (@MCAdam Yauch)“SILVA WINS!!!!!!!Come to think of it, with more than a million followers, she might not even have written her own Twitter account.I've known way lesser celebrities who've asked me to help find them ghostwriters for their accounts.How many times have you strategically thought about what your last tweet was -- and if something were to happen, would it be your last tweet? Some Twitter tombstones serve as a reminder of how petty it all is. Because in a way that's kind of the ultimate satirization and summation of the modern entertainment industry in a nutshell, isn't it?

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