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– The amp’s ability to maintain its character at even the lowest volume levels.– The amp must be able to handle most of the typical Gilmour related pedals. Bugera V22 Bugera’s Vintage series offers a wide range of models with a classic tube tone that’s affordable for most budgets.Not least, a bedroom setup require something small that doesn’t piss off your neighbours and wife.

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Tubes will also react more to your playing and the pedals, which means that you can easily bring out the nuances of your tone with very little volume.

Many of these low wattage tube amps feature a built in power scaling.

Typically British with a familiar 70s Marshall/Hiwatt-ish character.

Lots of headroom, a nice mids hump and a warm, smooth top.

All amps are tested with the following in mind: – Overall sound.

I’ve concentrated on replicating David’s tones but the amp should be versatile enough for all genres.

Finding the right amp for your bedroom and smaller clubs, can be a challenge.

During the last decade, the market has been flooded by affordable tube amps in all price ranges and while most of them will cover your basic needs, there are some distinct differences that will have an impact on your tone.

Prior to this, a small combo would do the job nicely.

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