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Your faith is part of your identity and you don’t feel a need to separate from it. Others left Christianity behind because they needed to step away from it in order to feel able to embrace being gay or lesbian. I left my Christianity behind in order to feel that I could fully step into being lesbian.

It was what I needed to do to feel the freedom to step into my true self as lesbian. That box only recently came down as I came to a new sense of who God is for me in the last year, and to be honest it’s not old school Christianity anymore. Now if you’re someone who is gay or lesbian and still identifies as being Christian, you’re in luck because online dating is a great way to find other gay and lesbian Christians who are looking for love and a solid relationship.

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And we are all waiting for the Supreme Court’s ruling with baited breathe.

Hopefully we’ll learn that our entire nation will soon have the right to marry wherever they live in our 50 states.

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The first […] Dear Introverted Single Lesbian, I know it’s hard to get out there and connect with lesbians all the time but there is hope.

It’s called lesbian dating sites plus add in new dating skills to get you out there and dating. You’d made plans with each other to travel, for the holidays, to do a project on your […] The Gay Girl Love Tour kicked off again late last week, on Thursday. Had to turn around to go back and pick up my protein powders but fortunately remembered within a mile of home.

The world is changing and churches are changing with it.

Not only do we have equal rights to work, live and marry in many states but we also can openly participate in Christian churches and community across the country as well.

Your heart got hooked cause […] It’s been a good long while since you saw an update here on the blog.

So I’d like to share some about my life, love and dating experiences as of late. And this is a picture of my parents on their wedding day.

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