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In October 2010 President Barack Obama publicly congratulated Michael on his efforts.He then founded the Michael Baisden Foundation focusing on education, literacy and technology.

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Michael baisden dating website

He urged millions of listeners to wear black on September 20th of that year in protest of unequal justice. The Obama camp along with millions of listeners credited Michael with being one of the major forces behind this historic victory to elect the first African American to the Presidency of the United States.

The news traveled throughout the country, supporters ranging from college students to corporate executives wore black in support of Jena 6. In December 2009 Baisden called for a National Mentor Training Day and announced his plans for a 2010 nationwide campaign.

” The film takes the engaging and energetic host to the streets of Atlanta, Dallas, Ft. The upbeat, funny, thought-provoking, and very candid documentary film invites conversations with women and men to discuss their views on relationships.

Michael Baisden (born June 26, 1963) is a nationally syndicated radio personality and host of The Michael Baisden Show.

His media career began when he left his job driving trains in Chicago to self-publish Never Satisfied, and began touring the country selling books out of the trunk of his car.

Baisden has produced: two national stage plays (based on Baisden's novels); Love Lust & Lies, an award winning documentary dealing with relationships and sexuality based on the perspectives of people of color; two seminar tapes, Relationship Seminar and Men Have Issues Too; and a web-based community portal.Michael Baisden's other books The Maintenance Man and Men Cry in the Dark were adapted into stage plays that toured the country in 20.In 2001, he made a series of promotional appearances on daytime talk shows.Baisden got his start in radio as an unpaid afternoon drive-time host for 98.7 KISS FM in New York City, taking the station rating from number nine to number one in the time slot. Baisden hosts and co-produces Baisden After Dark, a late-night television talk show series. The show features comedian George Willborn and musician Morris Day, who conducts the house band.Baisden's first book, Never Satisfied: How and Why Men Cheat, was released by Legacy Publishing.ET His radio career began in 2003 when 98.7 KISS FM in New York City offered him a position as the afternoon drive-time host.

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