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Naturally, she loves to travel and gear up in a bikini on the beach!

I think she fancies herself something of a philosopher.

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He expressed his different mindset about different vibrations in life, and this turned Moenay off and made her feel uncomfortable.

After the day's dates the foursome hung out and shared drinks, conversations, and overall got a general feel for each other.

Besides that, her friends seem to love being around her. It looks like Mike found a really nice girl to spend time with!

I opened up my laptop to write this post and I had a little epiphany.

Mike Napoli’s girlfriend Sophia Phalen is a pretty girl who is finishing her nursing degree.

She recently posted a congratulations message to Mike two weeks ago. She has a group of friends and player wives that she attends the games with. Before she met Mike, she lived an idyllic lifestyle in the south.

A year ago I closed out 2015 with some personal updates and I let you know that I’d stopped dating Robert.

Now I’m closing out 2016 with some more personal updates including that I’m in a new relationship with a…

The final night on the island the five daters shared drinks and reflected upon how awkward the situation really was.

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