Ms access update query not updating table

The first is to add one record at a time; the second is to add many records at a time.

In both cases, you use the SQL statement INSERT INTO to accomplish the task.

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Select statement works fine and I can also extract Data and link it and display on the Datagrid. You seem to make an attempt to log whoch users are online, which will fail, because the web is stateless.

You can catch when a user logs in, but you won't be able to catch when users leave your website, disconnect from the internet o close their browser Also, don't use session for authorization and authentocation, start using Forms Autentication. I have another issue regarding doing a Ajax post from mobile web app to an aspx that belong to a web application api (The aspx is actually what we have been discussing which is the update database).

We recommend you use queries for calculated fields, just as in previous versions.

There are essentially two methods for adding records to a table.

The SELECT SQL statement works perfectly fine and I am able to set the counter to 1 but I can't do an UPDATE. I try to use breakpoint but still cannot figure out whats wrong. Also have you used the VS debugger before posting to see if the update line is hit or what happens in details ? SO i decided to try to use yur method but got ERROR when i run the aspx. @Patrice Sc: @Hans_V and Patrice Sc: I am devastated right now... IDri When you've worked this out, please take a minute to reconsider what you want.

Hi, Issue is that you are not executing your update statement. It reinvents a wheel that is created by Microsoft, and it is called Forms Authentication: advanced is to use a membership provider. 2) you can check the value returned by Execute Non Query (if not 1 your where criteria is not correct) 3) also sometimes when working with db files, it does work and appears to be fine but if you don't check the actual file that has been modified, it can give the impression that the file was not updated. I already given alot of details on the very 1st post. OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=|Data Directory|c:\inetpub\wwwroot\MMORPGapi\MMORPG.mdb" But you need to read better.! You assign a SQL Statement to a sql Str string but then you execute cmd which is still a SELECT statement...

So, how do you get the calculated field if you do not store it in a table? Any form or report based on this query treats the calculated field like any other, so you can easily sum the results. Well, almost foolproof: It is possible to have your calculated fields misinterpreted.

There are circumstances where storing a calculated result makes sense - typically where you need the flexibility to store a different value sometimes.

You open the connectopn, but doesn't close it, which sooner rather than later will cuase problems when using an Access Database.

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