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The rest of the nation should send a Thank You card for cake mix, bobby pins, and the ski lift–these were all created by Omaha companies in the past century or so. in pieces by the Native American tribes of the area, though there were already several outposts within a few miles.

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Today, Downtown Omaha enjoys some rejuvenations as well as new things to do and see.

The Henry Doorly Zoo shouldn’t be missed–it is always changing, so every time you go, there are new exhibits and animals to see.

Every year you can attend the College World Series in Omaha, and you can see how doing good can change lives at Boys Town.

There may not be millions of people strolling around the downtown area at night, but if you know where to go, you’ll never be at a loss of things to experience.

My faith is very important to me as I go to my Lutheran church almost every Sunday and men's bible study.

Family is also very important as I keep in touch several time a week.

Your little town is often skipped over, but it’s much cooler than the nation seems to thunk it is.

One blogger described it as what Austin, Texas, used to be before the East and West coast converged on it.

Try some underground music and in a couple of years when the band makes it big, you can tell everyone that you heard them in Omaha before anyone else did.

Finding a cool person to date can be tricky, but Omaha provides the perfect environment to meet people who love where they live and what they do.

I enjoy travel I have been separated since September of 2010 and hope to finalize it in the next few years.

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