Purchased playlist not updating ios 7

Click the green button above to get the free trial version of Wondershare Tunes Go Retro. If you're using an i Mac, Mac Book Pro, or Mac Book Air, try the Mac version. When the Tunes Go Retro software detects the i OS 7 device successfully, it will be displayed in the main window. If an i OS 7 incompatible song is added, this tool will turn it into a friendly format for you automatically.

Submit your questions for consideration using our Ask i Lounge Submit Form. I used to have a playlist under the Store menu that was labeled “Purchased.” For some reason it is no longer listed.

We reserve the right to edit questions for grammar, spelling, and length. Can you tell me how I can bring that playlist back? Caribe Unfortunately, the “Purchased” playlist is a fairly special playlist, in that only i Tunes can properly create it - if deleted by the user, there’s only one way to appear again under i Tunes’ “Store” source area: download more items from the i Tunes Store.

i Tunes Authotization is a basic procedure that lets Apple know your purchases are yours.

Sometimes these things need to be turned off and then on again just to clear out any stale data.

I checked, it seems only these i Tunes purchased items are transferred, not these CD imported or downloaded from the Internet. I use i Phone 4, i OS 7, i Tunes 11.1.1." After upgrading to i OS 7, it seems i Tunes just refuses to work as it used to be.

When syncing music from a computer to i OS 7 devices, you'll always find that the syncing is not completed.

This will capture both i Tunes’ audio and video files, as well as digital booklets.

Next, simply drag the contents of this file into the empty “Purchased” playlist i Tunes just created, sort by “Date Added,” and you’ve mostly restored your Purchased playlist.

All of them work for devices including: Check for Updates.

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