Liseli sex camera - Rapid updating of drivers

It's the SOL's equivalent of Intel Chipset INF utility.

ME Firmware is divided into two main SKUs: Consumer/1.5MB for Consumer Systems and Corporate/5MB for Corporate Systems.

For Windows 7 only: Intel MEI Driver uses KMDF (WDF) 1.11, which is built-in on Windows 8 & up but not Windows 7 or earlier.

systems: Make sure to mind the firmware's PDM status which is distinguished between PDM, NOPDM and UKPDM (unknown).

We don't know what PDM is exactly but it stands for "Power Down Mitigation" and is some sort of erratum, which is only relevant to PCH-LP systems with ME 11.0 firmware.

It operates independently from the main CPU, BIOS & OS but can interact with them if needed.

The ME is responsible for many parts of an Intel-based system.

A newer Drivers & Software package has newer Software but the actual SOL "driver" may still be an older version.

The SOL "driver" is not really a driver but rather a placeholder INF file which assigns a correct device name at Device Manager and prevents the latter from showing the yellow exclamation mark of "No driver was found for this device".However, if your current 8-series system has firmware v9.1 ( systems: Make sure you choose the correct v11.x firmware SKU for your system which is based on target Platform and Feature set.There are 2 chipsets: PCH-H (Performance) and PCH-LP (Low Power).The PCH-LP chipset works with SKL/KBL-U & SKL/KBL-Y processors and requires PCH-LP (LP) ME firmware.An easy way to detect which Platform you need is to check the cpu socket specification of your motherboard.SKL/KBL-S uses LGA1151, SKL/KBL-H uses BGA1440, SKL/KBL-U uses BGA1356 and SKL/KBL-Y uses BGA1515.

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