Satellite eyes problem updating the map

Explore the zombified countryside of Rockwell and the burned-out ruins of the Asylum, get mauled by zombie chickens and bulls, and stop Dr.Franklin and Sheriff Rockwood from carrying out their plans for world domination!We figured that merely enjoying yourself while playing Sven Co-op might fill our players with enough sense of achievement already! April Fools ;) Hello everyone, Sven Co-op's move to Steam as a stand-alone game has not only given us the ability to supply you with instant updates, it also enables us to add achievements to Sven Co-op!

The updated 3.0 map pack contains the same maps as it did before but now includes fixes for a few known issues.

The 4.0 mappack contains a number of maps that were previously included in the game during the 4.x version era.

You will find plenty of excellent and classic Sven Co-op maps within.

The full map list for this mappack is as follows: Our announcement of the addition of achievements to Sven Co-op was met with so much enthusiasm that the development team decided to pull an all-nighter and think up way more cool and fun achievements for you and your friends!

Earlier this morning we finally reached the ultimate achievement: When we compiled all those achievements into our latest Beta build and loaded up the game, it completely crashed.

It seems we achieved the unachievable: too many achievements for the game to handle.

We are very lucky that the issue this time could be worked around, but this won't always be the case.

You should also know that it is not our choice to discontinue Windows XP/2003 support and that may ultimately rule, because other libraries from upon parties that we depend upon (and have no control over) may move to no longer offer this support.

Changes are as follows: Please use the steam build ID number as a reference when posting an issue or query on our message boards.

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