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Stud: Sean Connery with co-star Daniela Bianchi in Bond's From Russia with Love His book, The Divided Self, had become a bestseller, but it was his highly controversial methods that were attracting most notoriety.

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For his part, the actor, who more than most was motivated by the subject of cold hard cash, was impressed by the fact that Laing's exorbitant fee must mean the mind doctor had unshakeable faith in his abilities.

During their first appointment, Laing gave 34-year-old Connery a tab of pure LSD and took about a tenth of that amount himself (at the time, the drug was legal and would not become classified until 1966).

The fallout from the drug episode seems to have included the unearthing of a latent aggression in Connery, which manifested itself in the most shocking manner the following summer, when the actor was filming The Hill, the movie directed by Sidney Lumet which depicted the sadistic treatment of our soldiers in British Army prisons during the North African campaign in World War II.

The cast and crew were holed up in the Spanish province of Almeria, which was to double as the African desert.

Towards the end of an arduous and unhappy shoot, a wedding took place at the hotel where the film contingent were being put up. Fuelled by Fundador, the fiery Spanish brandy, and sangria, the party went on into the early hours with the shapely Diane the centre of attention as she was twirled around the dance floor by eager male partners.

Connery, 6ft 2in and 15 stone, was no longer in the party spirit.The tumbling out of all this buried bitterness and angst in the months that followed was to have a chilling consequence.It would also reveal in all its brutality Connery's dark side.With Connery was Miss Cilento - the mother of his then two-year-old son, Jason - whom he had married in 1962.Cilento was an Australian-born beauty who specialised in ice-blonde roles and whose talent had already seen her nominated for an Oscar thanks to her part in the bawdy 1963 comedy Tom Jones.Violence: Ex-wife Diane Cliento claims Connery was a violent husband Day and night, it was encircled by a baying mob of female fans, who thought nothing of climbing in through windows in the hope of getting close to their pin-up, or burgling the house when he was away to steal mementoes of the screen secret agent.

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